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about us

About Steven Richardson

Renowned watchmaker, educator and artisan, Steven Richardson’s vast career, was born out of countless hours handcrafting and sculpting original works of wearable art. Under the guardianship of master metal smith Emerson Hogan, he learned how to apply age-old artisan techniques to his sculptures. Richardson’s fascination with antiquity and mechanics, curiously lead him to the science of horology. Naturally his artistry and design capabilities merged with his capacity to build complicated timepieces, and he did so under the watchful eye of master watchmaker Aaron in New York City. As a watchmaker, Richardson gained celebrity status as commissions rolled in from his long-standing influential clients. Later, celebrities and collectors looking for fresh, unusually crafted, complicated timepieces followed suit. Now his evolution brings him back to his original roots as a sculptor, reinventing his intimate relationship to metal crafting and curating captivating works using the finest precious metals, diamonds and gemstones.

Our Vision & Mision

Art of Horology is advancing Horology and a new generation of watchmakers. Our mission is to advance horology, educate and empower youth with a purposeful and positive experience that impacts their lives and communities. Founded by renowned watchmaker, educator and artisan, Steven Richardson known for handcrafting and sculpting original works of wearable art. 

hand crafted empowerment

Since 2000 we've advanced and supported a new generation of horologists, curated educational, empowering and inspiring programs.

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